Nose n' Toes 100% Natural Pet Balm

Hebert Honey Products


Dry, cracked, sore pads and noses are a real problem any time of the year.

Our 100% Natural Pet Balm brings instant relief to dry skin and can be used anywhere on your pet that it may be needed. Hot spots benefit from the healing powers of Sweat Almond Oil, Honey, Calendula and Beeswax.

The Beeswax from a coat on the affected area and holds the body's natural moisture beneath it and working with the other natural ingredients form a seal to promote healing.

Sweat Almond Oil rich in natural antioxidants and emollients nourishes the skin and replaces lost oils.

Calendula Tea aids the healing and helps to moisturize the area.

Honey, known for centuries as a healer rounds out the natural ingredients that work so hard bring relief to your pet.

No scent is added to discourage licking the affected area.

A Woman-Owned Company and Made in USA. Produced under fair labor and trade from renewable resources.




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1oz. | $5.00

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