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VERMONT MADE WOODEN TOYS AND GAMES: Green Goods is very pleased with the decision to source non-toxic wooden toys and games from our valued supplier located in Vermont. They produce the highest quality traditional wooden products and sprinkle in some cool technologies with experienced hand crafting.

One of our most important "values" is doing business locally, with "people" we know and trust. Money spent locally helps create more jobs, spending, and savings options for U.S. workers. Given the various import sources creating both the toxicity and hazardous warnings that we read about in our national news, we are fully committed to Vermont only local production. Not many companies today can make these proud statements since they find themselves either based or producing overseas with the potential for disastrous results. We do acknowledge the Global Economy, yet realize there are many reasons to "keep it local" as our Green Goods Values dictate. We will not sacrifice quality or safety for Global Economics.

Environmental impact, carbon footprint and Earth Day events are beginning to become a regular part of our vocabulary and not a once or twice a year event. For the past 29 years the vast majority of wood used in these Vermont toys and games has been sourced from Lathropís Maple Supply of Bristol, Vermont (maple, pine, cherry and other types of wood). Their goal has been and remains today, to provide the highest quality from "Sustainable Local Forests". Lathrop purchases from reputable foresters, with clients enrolled in Vermont Land Use Programs requiring sustainable harvest methods.