Fund-raising Program

Team Earth Day PTO Fundraiser Program

Contact us now at for a complete program package including order forms and a sample lunch bag. No additional work for you!

Dear Earth Day Team:

Everyone is excited about Earth Day. Now more than ever, protecting the environment and thus our children's world is a major current event. Our 11 year old son attends Groton-Dunstable Middle School in Groton, Massachusetts, making this a personal quest for the future of our children. Let us form a strong team of parents, teachers, PTO members and students.

A timely fit for your Team Earth Day celebration is our 100% certified organic cotton lunch bags, shopping totes for mom, dads and teachers and large canvas totes for family outings. Reusable bags are rapidly replacing plastic and paper bags which are harmful to the environment. As with all natural 100% cotton fabrics, repeated washings, when necessary, will soften the bags and reduce the initial wrinkling.

We have attached pictures as well as your cost and suggested selling prices for these items. Let's join together in acting locally and thinking globally to protect our children's planet. Please call or e-mail us for our Team Earth Day PTO Fundraiser Program tailored to your specific needs. If you wish to feature your school name or logo rather than the eco-friendly designs we have attached, let us know.

Our company is committed to 100% U.S.A. organic and natural products sourced and produced locally to the highest quality standards. No toxic pesticides or fertilizers are used in the process. We must teach our children, as a way of everyday living, to recycle, reuse and reduce environmental impact. It is only through changing our habits that this will work at the individual level. We can make a difference in preserving our natural resources and combating global warming.

One of our critical "Green Goods Values" is to give back to Local and Global community programs. Therefore, we will donate 3% of your purchase in free bags and totes to help you provide for children or families in your school that would be unable to participate otherwise. Together, Team Earth Day can combat Global Warming and help preserve our environment.


Marcie Pagliarulo

P.S. The tutorials attached are for use at your school on why Team Earth Day chose organic cotton and is teaming up against plastic and paper bags. Also if you prefer to feature our bags in your cafeteria or in addition to fundraising we can provide order quantities as needed at the same cost.

Celebrate Earth Day April 22
with Organic Cotton Bags made in New Hampshire


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