1. Natural,Organic Mattresses and Bedding USA made: Basic Benefits

    Posted on November 23, 2009

    Marcie Pagliarulo

    The Benefits:

    • All Natural/Organic way to safe and comfortable sleep.

    • Toxin-free vs. typical mattresses containing chemical flame retardants. Click on “Blog Archive for more information on flame retardant Federal Law FR 1633.

    • Fire-safe-naturally fire-resistant wool-wrap construction encases our natural/organic cotton mattress. No Dr.’s RX note required and the most popular choice.

    • Natural (Green) cotton is the economical choice vs. organic cotton.

    • Organic Cotton is Natural and is produced to a strict set of USDA standards enforced by agents who annually inspect fields for adherence to National Organic Program (NOP) Standards. NOP requires a 3-year conversion for land before organic crops are harvested. This adds an extra cost of 50-100% to the cotton fiber price.

    • Natural Cotton (Green Cotton) is simply grown without any synthetic chemicals (toxic fertilizers) and without any synthetic pesticides (toxic to field workers also). Natural is the socially conscious/Green choice since no toxic chemicals are used which helps save our planet.

    • Natural/Organic mattresses and bedding also caters to people with chemical sensitivity , folks with allergies and most of our clients are Green or Going Green and helping save our planet as they sleep.

    • To view Green Goods’ large selection of Natural Bedding and Mattresses click here www.buygreengoods.com.

  2. The Best Furniture Polish, Guaranteed by Green Goods

    Posted on November 20, 2009

    Marcie Pagliarulo

     1. House Beautiful, July 2008 acclaimed it “The Best Furniture Polish” .

    2. Great results on super hard finish table tops, even catalyzed/cross-linked lacquers, without blotching. Absorbs into hard surfaces.

    3. Restores antique finishes that have dulled over time and brings out the luster of the wood like no other polish. Even repels dust.

    4. Creates a finish that makes granite and marble “acid resistant”.

    5. No buffing required yet maintains the beauty of wood furniture, table tops, cabinets, paneling and bookcases. Maintains a gorgeous patina on all fine furniture and antiques.

    6. The only Bees Wax Polish in an aerosol form that contains no oils, leaving just enough beeswax to protect and leave the surface brilliantly polished, yet will not leave fingerprints.

    7. Removes dirt and waxes that have built up over the years. Pleasant, clean fragrance.

    8. For Holiday gifting-wrap a red bow around the can.

    9. Free Shipping on all orders over $100.00. Pricing and case discounts as follows:

    1 can-$12.50 per can

    6 cans-$11.50 per can

    12 cans (1 case)-$10.95 per can

    24 cans (2 cases)-$10.46 per can

    36 cans (3 cases)- $10.02 per can

    48 cans (4 cases)- $9.72 per can

    MSRP $16.95                                                    

    Go to the product page to order……

    Is the One Furniture Polish That…


    Leaves No Wax Build Up…Ever

    Makes Granite & Marble Acid Resistant

    Needs No Buffing

    Enhances the True Natural Beauty of ALL Wood

    Perfect For Use On:

    • Antiques • Kitchen Cabinets • Painted Surfaces • Wrought Iron

    • Granite Countertops • Porcelain • Mirrors • Marble

    • Leather • Stainless Steel • Glass • Formica • Fine Silver

    • Appliances • Oak • Car Dashboards