Chemical Free Mattress - Green Cotton Only
(No Fire Retardants - Need RX)

White Lotus Green Cotton and Organic Cotton Mattresses and Bedding


We offer all our mattresses in a 100% Non-borate GREEN cotton and chemical FREE versions. Our non-borate Green cotton mattresses offer a healthier night's sleep at an affordable price.

These mattresses work great on platform beds, can be used on top of a box spring, on bi-fold and tri-fold futon frames.

Note: Green US grown Cotton without Fire Retardant: The cotton we use to make our standard cotton mattresses is known as "green" cotton. This means that the cotton is harvested in the USA, it is unprocessed - no bleaches, no dyes or fungicides are used. It is conventionally grown U.S. cotton. The textile industry leaves some pieces of the cotton fiber behind that cannot be used to make t-shirts, fabrics, etc. This leftover cotton fiber would have ended up in a landfill, until some smart folks discovered that by garneting this extra cotton fiber, they would create cotton batting, which is now used in our Green Cotton mattresses, pillows and other bedding. This is why we call it GREEN COTTON, it is an up-cycled fiber and this is something we can all feel good about. Green Cotton also includes various recycled fibers that are not used by the textile industry, we use these fibers to create green cotton batting. These cotton and other fibers are all mixed together by the Mill that creates our cotton batting.

The scent that you may experience is due to the fact that while the cotton is harvested, the cotton seeds are broken, therefore releasing cotton seed oil scent, just like what happens with the popcorn seeds. This scent will dissipate with time. If you have ever been in the middle of a cotton field, this scent may be familiar to you.

A Family-Owned Company and Made in USA. Produced under fair labor and trade from renewable resources.

In accordance with Federal Law 1633, while we offer other options consisting of Organic Cotton and Wool that do not require a doctor's note, we can only sell 100% flame retardant-free Green Cotton mattresses or Organic Cotton mattresses with a doctor's prescription because they are not flame retardant. Any questions, please call us at 978-302-8543.



FREE SHIPPING over $100.00

Turnaround Time: Our goal is to process and ship all orders within 2-3 weeks for small (pillows, sheets, massage mats) items and 3-4 weeks for large items (mattresses, toppers, duvets). Custom-made orders may take a bit longer (4-5 weeks). Please allow 2-5 business days for shipping on all items.

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Crib Mattress 28x54x3.5 | $456.00
Toddler Mattress 28x54x6 | $286.00
Twin Mattress 39x75x6 | $514.00
XLTwin Mattress 39x80x6 | $540.00
Double Mattress 54x75x6 | $621.00
Queen Mattress 60x80x6 | $755.00
King Mattress 76x80x6 | $1103.00
Cali-King Mattress 72x84x6 | $1114.00
Loveseat Mattress 54x54x6 | $428.00
Twin Futon 39x75x5 | $483.00
XLTwin Futon 39x80x5 | $496.00
Double Futon 54x75x5 | $588.00

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